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Workshop: DiSC - Understanding Behaviour Styles

DiSC Workshop Overview

The DiSC program will increase your self awareness regarding your own Behavioural Style, as well as increase your understanding of the behaviours of others in your workplace and your life. With this you will be able to work even more effectively as a team and with your clients.

There are many ways of evaluating an individual's skills or approach, and predicting their likely behaviour from the results. At one end of the scale are fairly simple tests designed to evaluate specific skills and abilities. At the other end of the scale lie batteries of personality tests, designed to build a complete picture of a person's style and approach, in general terms, as possible.

The DiSC Model

We will use the simple DiSC model which lies somewhere between these two poles. While it isn't a full 'personality test' in the strict technical sense, it provides an insight into an individual style that is more than adequate to predict the likely trends of their behaviour in the future. It does this by evaluating four key factors in an individual style.

DiSC Workshop Outcomes

Understand and appreciate your own and others behavioural styles
Have strategies to communicate and deal more effectively with different types of people.


The session starts with participants completing a brief set of questions that will allow them to learn more about why they do the things they do. What follows, is a highly experiential session that assists participants be masterful in their abilities to better connect and communicate with work colleagues and clients (and family and friends). The session is fun, challenging and interactive, full of learning and enlightenment for all. This is a one or one and a half hour session - which can be stand alone, or often combined within a Team Building workshop.

To discuss your needs phone Barbara Anderson on + 61 2 9527 9396
email her at barbara@shirecoachingtraining.com.au

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