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Coaching Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Government Executive Develops Career

DC held a senior role in a NSW Government Department.  He was branded as an 'expert' in one area which had him 'boxed in' and was restricting his career development.   He wanted executive coaching to break into the highest levels of government.  

DC committed to a coaching program of 12 x 1 hour sessions.  3 primary goals were established in the first session. These included a career goal, moving to the strategic level, a health goal and a relationship goal.  Through specific actions, DC became very aware of the current reality of his life and the changes he wanted to make.   Over the 6 months of coaching, DC worked on many of his behaviours to improve his weaknesses and develop his strengths. In particular DC improved his delegation skills, communication skills (esp. listening skills), management style (using more a coaching approach), and time management.  Coaching assisted DC take positive steps forward and change those behaviours that did not serve him any more.   Results achieved included DC being promoted to a senior strategic role.  His relationships with his wife and son improved, and he introduced a regular exercise routine with better eating habits, and lost a small amount of weight.

Case Study 2 - Business Owner Takes First Holiday in 10 Years

AM was stressed and in overwhelm when she came for coaching.  She had successfully grown her small business to having 10 staff with good turnover and profits but she was very hands on and working long hours.  She wanted to "let the baby go".  With regular coaching over 4 months, AM was able to work ON the business, rather than IN the business.  She set up systems, developed her key manager, terminated a poor performer, while continuing to increase business.  At the end of coaching AM boarded a plane to South America for a 5 week holiday, trusting the business could run without her.

Case Study 3 - Coach Gains ICF Qualifications

XX came for mentor coaching after failing the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) examination with the ICF (International Coach Federation).  With specific mentor coaching developing those areas identified as requiring development and focussing on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, XX built skills, knowledge and confidence to reapply and successfully achieve the qualification. 


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