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Coaching for Business Owners

Coaching for Business Owners is very similar to coaching executives and managers (click here), while there are also some unique challenges. Depending on the size of the business, some specific unique challenges for Business Owners can include financial stress and cash flow issues; sales & marketing; work/life balance; being the 'jack of all trades'; under resourced; isolation (no-one to share high's and low's with);

Coaching could also be for someone starting a business who needs assistance with vision, business planning, image, marketing, etc.

Eight Critical Areas for Business Success

source: Infinia Business Solutions, Inc.

Coaching Outcomes for Business Owners:

A Coach can help you:

  • to think more strategically
  • take time to take the 'helicopter view' of the business
  • work 'on' the business, rather than 'in' the business
  • work on the 8 Critical Areas for Business Success (as above)
  • assist with 'start up' of new business
  • increase effective marketing and sales
  • know what is happening (statistics)
  • create effective systems
  • recruit and induct new staff
  • manage staff more effectively

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