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Fast Track Your Career part 1:
A Time Management Perspective

Let's look at fast tracking you career from a time management perspective. Do you manage your time effectively? Do you know your goals and where you want to be in your career next year, or five years from now, and what are you doing about it? Are you in the habit of allocating pro-active time for taking actions related to achieving your long term goals?

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit". Aristotle

Stephen Covey, in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (a fabulous book and a 'must read' if you haven't read it before) says a habit is the intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire. Knowledge is the 'what' to do and the 'why'. Skill is the 'how' to do. Desire is the motivation, the 'want' to do. To make something a habit in our lives, we have to have all three.

So ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I have the knowledge of what to do to move forward in my career path? If not, you must get started and work this out. Do I know why I want to do this? Understanding your 'why' is the foundation for all goals or dreams.
  2. Do I have the skills to do this? Do I know how? If not, what are the gaps? What do I need to do to close these gaps? Is there training available? Who could help me?
  3. Do I have the motivation to take action? How badly do I want this goal? How big is my desire for this goal? Am I willing to do what ever it takes to achieve my dreams?

If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, then I suggest you need to allocate time in your busy schedule to get these questions answered. If you answered "yes" to all the questions, then I suggest you need to take time in your busy schedule to take the next steps.

So, whether you answered "yes" or "no" to the above questions, it is up to you to schedule time and take action. It is your responsibility. "Response-ability" is the ability to choose your response. Most people are so busy and in the habit of doing the things they know, that they don't schedule "pro-active" time to work on the new big goals in their lives. Highly proactive people recognise their responsibility. They are in the habit of planning and prioritising, and make time to chunk away at the important things. Many people spend all their time being reactive and working on the urgent day-to-day things, and never get started on the big important areas in their lives.

Covey (p. 75) writes "people who end up with the good jobs are the proactive ones who are solutions to problems, not problems themselves, who seize the initiative to do whatever is necessary, consistent with correct principles, to get the job done".

When I decided I wanted to be an accredited Life Coach, I already had a very busy and satisfying life. I had plenty of work but not all in areas that I loved. I set myself a goal to love my work 100%. Part of that goal was to get my Life Coaching practice up and running. I was proactive. Although busy, I allocated 2 full evenings per week, plus about half an hour every other day, to attend training, and work towards my goal.

It's up to you to take the initiative. You need to recognise your responsibility to make things happen. Part of the solution is to allocate time into your diary to work on your big goals. Set times for meetings with yourself. Work on the questions above, or work on the actions you have identified need to be taken.

Getting a Life Coach is a positive step forward. A Life Coach will keep you focused and in action and provide insights along the journey.

Written by Barbara Anderson.

To discuss your needs phone Barbara Anderson on + 61 2 9527 9396
email her at barbara@shirecoachingtraining.com.au

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