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Coaching Making a Difference in China

By Barbara – July 2005

Coaching is making a huge difference in Corporations and with individuals around the world. Currently we lack evidence on this that is easily accessible. Recently I visited China, and the following brief article summarises a success story there.

Edward is 39 years old, and the founder and owner of a Dry Cleaning Company, with headquarters in Shanghai, China. The company produces dry cleaning machinery.

6 years ago this was a simple manufacturing company. Today it is very well known in the industry, with 6 brands.
Some statistics:
1999: 1 place / store; 5 mill (RMB) turnover; 10 staff
2005: 4000 franchises (dry cleaning services); 50 mill. (RMB) turnover; 600 staff
They report a 3.05 times growth since 2004.

What did they do?
In 1999 (before coaching) the owner (Edward) took responsibility for everything. He didn't trust or delegate to his staff. He complained team members were incompetent and blamed HR for not doing a good job. Staff didn't take responsibility and they lost money.

Edward knew something was needed to be done, and attended a "coach training program". With this he worked on his own personality and behaviour, and on the relationships he had at work and personal life. He noticed the team became spirited and passionate and started to take responsibility. The team began to set goals. Edward then sent each of his top team (of 10) to the coach training and to read books and to continually develop themselves. The managers have become 'internal coaches' as well as doing their management jobs, and a coaching culture has filtered down the organisation. Many workshops have been conducted to explain the value of coaching and what they were trying to achieve.

They did have challenges, and met with some resistance at first. To change attitudes, beliefs and behaviour was an ongoing process. The staff was frustrated when goals were not met, and confused with the changes that were being implemented. Ongoing communication was very important in overcoming these challenges.

The most important aspects identified by Edward was to ensure 'Trust' with his people, and lots of 'Acknowledgement', always striving for a "win-win' and moving towards a "possibility" and the big Vision of the company.

Written by Barbara Anderson.

To discuss your needs phone Barbara Anderson on + 61 2 9527 9396
email her at barbara@shirecoachingtraining.com.au

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