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(Acknowledgment - key questions from workshop titled ‘Best Year Yet’ – refer workbook and “Your Best Year Yet” book by Jinny Ditzler)


  1. What did I accomplish last year?
  2. What were my biggest disappointments?
  3. What did I learn?   What guidelines can I create for this year?
  4. How do I limit myself and how can I stop?   What do I say about myself to explain my failures?   Do I have a limiting paradigm?  What is it?  What is a more powerful new paradigm?
  5. What are my personal values?   (What really motivate me and drives me?  What are my deeply held beliefs that are most important to me in my life?)
  6. What roles do I play in my life (eg. Son, friend, spouse, engineer,  manager..)
  7. What role is my major focus for the next year?
  8. What are my goals for each role?
  9. What are my top ten goals for next year?
  10. How can I make sure I achieve them?


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