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Vision Boards -Powerful Visualization Process with 450 Engineers  in India


I’m not sure when I first became aware of the power of visualization.  I think I’ve always visualized what I wanted and somehow manifested things and experiences without consciously knowing what I was doing.  I do know on 24th September 2001 I found a piece of paper that I had written on 25th September 1991 (exactly 1 day less than 10 years before) with the heading “my 10 year goals” and although I had forgotten I had ever written that list, every single thing on the list had happened and was achieved, including the last thing on the list which was my moving to a beautiful apartment overlooking the beach that week.  I found the paper when packing to move, and was amazed!   There were BIG things on that list.  Things I could not remember even imagining 10 years before, and my life was very different to how it had been 10 years earlier.

I have done a lot of reading, study, courses, and practice, over the past 15 years and now consciously do know the power of visualization.   From spiritual development to understanding the brain through neuroscience, I am fascinated with how powerful we are in creating our lives experiences.   I don’t understand it all.   The way the universe works is magical and a mystery to me and yet I know it works just as it is supposed to!  

I first came across the idea of Vision Boards through a friend, and fellow trainer, who actually studied a Louise Hay methodology called “Treasure Maps”.   In a weekend workshop at least 8 years ago, we created our Treasure Maps by using purple cardboard and cutting out photos and words from magazines.   It was fun and creative and over the next 12 months things just happened effortlessly.   I’ve learnt since that there are many ways to create Vision Boards.

As a definition, the Wikipedia states:   Vision Boards, also called Dream Boards, Mind Maps or Goal Maps, are typically a poster board on which people draw, paste or collage images that represent their desires, objectives, dreams and goals, based on the Law of Attraction. According to Oswaldo Koch, author of the book "Vision Boards: The Power of Intent", the purpose behind making a vision board is to intentionally attract the events and circumstances to manifest the things people want to have, who people want to become and the reality people want to co-create.  (Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vision_board)  

When I first met Satya Murty (Managing Director KNNL) in India in October 2007, I had just come from running a workshop at the International Coach Federation conference in Melbourne, Australia, called “the Secret to Masterful Coaching” so our conversation included talk of ‘The Secret’  book and DVD and the “Law of Attraction” in general.  I shared my experiences with Vision Boards and Satya Murty was interested and excited by our conversations.   He was already someone who knew of these principles, and lived them himself, but hadn’t known of the Secret book, DVD or vision board methods I was speaking of.

During that October trip, I was actually in India running training for new Coaches.   With my involvement with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and my passion for the Art, Science and Profession of Coaching I encouraged the new coaches in India to create an Indian Chapter of the ICF.   Satya Murty and Dr. Reddy ran with this idea.  We created a vision.   We ‘ticked’ the universe, and within a week the chapter was formed.  I was privileged to be invited to participate in the opening, and at that event, we used the Vision Board technique to create a Powerful Vision for the new Indian ICF Chapter.   Every person drew and wrote on ‘flip chart paper’ their vision for the coaching profession in India.   In the 4 months since, already the growth of this Chapter has exceeded the growth of any other chapter around the world, to the amazement of many.   And things are on track for the other visions, for the number of credentialed coaches, and more, being achieved.

When I was returning to India in February 2008 to run more Coach Specific Training, Sayta Murty (now MD of KNNL & KBJNL ) explored the possibility of me running some “Vision Board” workshops with his senior engineers.  I was excited.   While I had run these types of workshops with groups before, I had never done this in a big organization (around 10,000 staff in total).   I put together a plan for a 3 hour workshop, which included:-         (a) a review of last year’s goals, achievements, and learning’s; (b) a goal setting meditation; (c) an introduction to vision boards and my examples;  and (d) the opportunity for each participant to create their own vision board for their organizational and personal vision for the next 1-5 years.  The MD was happy with the plan, and arranged 4 separate workshops in 4 separate locations, for around 450 people, to be conducted during the week of 3rd to 7th March, 2008. 

Wow!   It was one of the best weeks of my life.  Why?   I was able to use my skills and experiences, and something I am passionate about, to contribute to 450+ individuals and the organization.  I made a difference.  I had an adventure.  I had fun.   I lived my key values.  I was touched, moved and inspired by the people I worked with.  

What happened?    You will see more as you read on.   For me I report that the participants positively embraced the concept.   While perhaps for many this was a very different thing to do, they remained open and positive and participated fully.  Each phase of the workshop required very different energies and the group moved gracefully from quiet reflection and contemplation in the first half, to full energy of creation when the cardboard and coloured pens were handled out, and more.   As 205 Vision Boards were being created in the first of 4 workshops, the MD suggested we give prices for the best, and we created a process in the moment where self-directed teams would choose the winners.   Vision Boards were laid out on the floor in the conference centre.  This allowed each person to view all the vision boards, and while a little chaotic, added to the full flavor of the day and power of the process.  The prizes (cash in envelopes) were then not only given to the winners, but then also awarded to each team leader to be equally distributed amongst the team members.   So each and every participant received a cash reward that day!    And then we put on the music and danced!   And the smiles and joy on the faces lit up the room and the memory will stay with me forever.   And we repeated this at each of the workshops.

Why did it work so well?   Satya Murty, Managing Director, believes in the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards.   His presence and his opening words in each workshop, created the space and energy for me to do what I did.   His people love and respect him.  They trust and believe him.  They are open to his ways.  They appreciate how he treats them (he generally uses a coaching approach as he is consciously building a coaching culture in these organizations) and are extremely grateful for the opportunities’ of any workshops for their own personal and professional development, which is most unusual in government departments in India. 

The short term outcomes included the creation of the 450 Vision Boards, and extremely motivated individuals and teams.   Extremely positive feedback was received.   The long term outcomes are still to be seen and measured.   Further workshops, via teleclasses, will be conducted, to keep the motivation going, and to address next steps.   While putting the powerful visions out to the universe, and trusting all will be created (‘Ask, Receive, Believe’ as per the Secret book) we are also aware of continuing the momentum, and the need to be in action simultaneously.  While building a Coaching Culture, further skills, knowledge and experience will be developed in the senior people, which will filter down throughout the organization.   But more on that another time. 

And what is my vision after this experience?   That all the visions for KNNL & KBJNL are achieved; and that more organizations will embrace the powerful process of Visualization using Vision Boards and the world becomes a better place for all.

Click on this link to see photos of vision boards  http://picasaweb.google.com.au/ando4005/IndiaMarch08VisionBoards


Written by Barbara Anderson.

To discuss your needs phone Barbara Anderson on + 61 2 9527 9396
email her at barbara@shirecoachingtraining.com.au


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