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Towards Mastery - Coaching Skills Workshop for Coaches

Workshop Ojectives

  • Improve your coaching skills in line with the ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies 
  • Receive feedback from 2 MCC coaches / and skilled facilitators
  • Gain two Reference letters for credentialing applications (given we agree to competencies being demonstrated)
  • Learn in a group of like minded coaches, with varied training backgrounds and experiences
  • Add to your mentor coaching hours
  • Have fun
  • Feel more at ease for future ICF examinations

Barbara Anderson, MCC, teams up with Belinda Merry, MCC

Following 5 extremely successful events in 2008 (2 in Sydney, 2 in Melbourne and 1 in Adelaide) , Barbara and Belinda have set the following dates for 2009.   Please express your interest in attending by email  barbara@shirecoachingtraining.com.au


Sydney – 20 March 2009 - Miller St, Cammeray

Perth – 20 April 2009 - venue tba

Hobart – 29 May 2009 - venue tba

Adelaide – 4 September 2009 - venue tba

Melbourne -13 November 2009 - Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club, Toorak


Investment:   $560 plus gst (in Australia).

Your investment gives you participation at the full day workshop meeting all the objectives stated above - of specific value to you as well as the great feedback on your coaching, is the receipt of 2 letters from 2 Master Certified Coaches (given we agree to your level of competency) and 4 hours of mentoring to count towards your ICF application for credentials.

OUR credibility to run these sessions

Barbara and Belinda are internationally sought after coach trainers and facilitators. Between them, they have been coaching over 18 years. Their varied training backgrounds (Results Coaching Systems and CoachInc.com) make them the perfect complimentary credentialing coaching duo. Both Barbara and Belinda travel the globe to keep up on latest research in the world of coaching, as well as to deliver coaching and coach training; and to attend ICF conferences. Between them they have been to 17 conferences and each presented at 3 conferences. Belinda and Barbara have supported and observed dozens and dozens of coaches as they prepare for their ICF credentials.

Feedback from Workshops

Barbara and Belinda run "Towards Mastery" like a well oiled machine.  The day flows so well and presents a great opportunity as a one-stop shop for all credentialing issues.  Sam Galea (ACC applicant. Sydney, Nov '08)

Thank you Barbara and Belinda for providing a rich learning environment and the exact support I needed - both technically and intuitively - to go to the next credetnialing level.  You have my full endorsement.  Donna Manning, PCC (MCC applicant, Syd, Nov '08)

"What an amazing day!  The 'Towards Mastery' course is 100% useful and constructive - not a minute was wasted.  Although daunting at first, Barbara and Belinda put the group at ease with their positive feedback, focussed agenda and light-approach.  Not to be missed if you're serious about gaining ICF creditation."  Sarah Woodward (Syd. Nov '08)

The workshop moved me further along my journey as a professional coach by increasing my courage and decreasing my fear.   Leona Wan (Syd. Nov '08)

I am a professional coach trainer and I found this workshop was invaluable to take me to a deeper level in my coaching presence, my capacity to create client awareness aiding me to ground my competencies into a framework of 'transformational coaching'.  Nicola Lambert, Nature Care College.  (PCC applicant, Syd. Nov'08)

The workshop brought "outside" awareness to my coaching particularly relating to ICF competencies.  Being in busines on my own this feedback was valuable.  Susan Farrell (Syd. Nov'08)

A very practical workshop with some very useful feedback, that I can apply straight away.  Barbara and Belinda are fantastic mentor coaches and modellng being great coaches.  They also made it a fun and relaxing day.   Sarb Chowdry (Syd. Nov '08)

Barbara and Belinda lead a largely practical day that will help coaches at all levels move further along in their journey.  John Campbell (PCC applicant. Syd. Nov'08)

It was a treat to work with 2 professional ICF MCC credentialed coaches.  Their knowldege and skills were excelent and appreciated. Pru Tucker (Adelaide, July 2008)

I highly recommend this course.  You learn so much about yourself as a coach and how the ICF Core Competencies are not just words but truly alive in your 'Coaching'.  Nancy Knowling  (Adelaide, July 2008)

Barbara and Belinda have a very supportive 1 day training to build confidence, skills and momentum.  I found the program extremely valuable in clarifying the procedures towards certification and in honing my awareness and skills in the ICF Competencies.  Celeste Millar ( Adelaide, July 2008)

Barbara and Belinda are a great team in providing what's important to each individual in the room.  Each with their own style - supportive, informative, clean, engaging and delightful.  Thank you.   Inta Sellick (Adelaide, July 2008)

I found this a great way to prepare for my certification .... (Tania, Adelaide, July 2008)
This workshop far exceeded all expectations ...
(Connie, Adelaide, July 2008)
I learned a great deal ....
(Cath, Adelaide, July 2008)
The day was structured and organised well to maximise the benefit of each of us...
(Fran, Adelaide, July 2008)

Well run workshop, tailored to our needs and my expectations were totally achieved.   Thankyou Belinda & Barbara. Anna Lane  (Melb. Apr’08)

Thank you Belinda and Barbara – this was a valuable and enjoyable day!  I now have much greater clarity about my ICF credetnialling preparation, and participating & observing live coaching has given me a clearer picture of how to develop my skills.  Kim Wood (Melb. Apr’08)

I gained such a lot of confidence and validation from attending the Coaching Skills Workshop with Belinda and Barbara.  They are helpful, clear, supporting ladies.  Such a strong heart connection with all members participating.  Highly recommended to even beginning coaches to help strengthen the skills of coaching and have clarity about your future direction.   Lynne Mitchell.  (Melb. Apr’08)

I started coaching a number of years ago and decided to go for certification as a way of consolidating my learnings and to boost my confidence.  I received very useful and clear feedback so I’m clear on my learning edge.   Nancy Taylor (Melb, Apr’08)

I know what wonderful coaches Barbara and Belinda are, so I was expecting this to be a really great workshop. I was right - it was an excellent workshop run by two people who are not only masters of coaching but know the core coaching competencies inside-out and how to bring out the best in other coaches. What I didn't expect is that it would also have a personal impact - it really built my confidence as a coach. I found them to be so respectful and constructive in their feedback. I haven't had anyone listen to my coaching since my coach training, so I wasn't sure if what I was doing was good coaching from the ICF's point of view. It was very helpful to have what I was doing mapped against the core competencies of coaching. It is also a rare opportunity to be able to observe other people coaching and I learnt so much from how other people do things.   Peter Lightbody (Sydney, March 2008)



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