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MENTOR COACHING to achieve your ICF (International Coach Federation) Credential, or just to be continuously improving your coaching skills. 

Ongoing group sessions, and one-on-one sessions, are happening regularly throughout 2014.  

Testimonial 9th January 2014.

"I started working with Barbara in the hoping of achieving a coaching qualification.  I have got so much more.  She not only owns the coaching space through her experience and technical knowledge of the subject, but also through her personality and humour.  This enables her to be constructive whilst being totally honest in her feedback, always with your best interests driving the agenda.  She creates a place where individuals and groups want to be their best and are prepared to try it there and then apply it elsewhere on an ongoing basis.  She has added to and enriched my approach and is the ideal mentor for coaches of all levels of experience".

Contact Barbara if you are interested in want coach mentoring or supervision.

Definition by ICF of Mentor Coaching: 

"For the purpose of credentialing, mentor coaching means an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant's coaching skills.  This requirement is intended to help applicants prepare for participation in the ICF Portfolio exam."  

Barbara's mentoring also incorporates "Coach Supervision" - which is defined as "Guided reflection on coaching practice, with the intention of learning for current and future client benefit.  This involves the supervisor encouraging the coaches focus on 3 types of awareness: self awareness, relational awareness and systemic awareness."

Overview of the Group Mentor Coaching program:  

In Barbara's group mentoring sessions we focus on the 11 ICF Core competencies at a level you have probably not focused on previously.  We discuss the competencies; the minimum skill requirements for each Credentialing level (ACC, PCC, MCC); we discuss coaching scenarios and challenges, case studies, topics that may be in the exam, and you practice live coaching - giving and receiving feedback to develop your coaching skills to a higher level. 

You can join a program - see below - OR join in ad-hoc groups as it suits you.

Each group call will be designed by the participants (facilitated by Barbara) in the first minutes of each call.    Generally calls will include - 1 coach practicing coaching, another being coached on something real for them, feedback against the competencies from all listeners and Barbara, discussion on key points highlighted, discussion on any client queries brought to the session from coaches, case studies and whatever is most useful for the group session by session,

An outline of the proposed program:

The group program will consist of 7 x 1 hour sessions running over 3 months.

Maximum group mentor coaching allowable by the ICF is 7 hours of the 10 required.  ie. you need to do 3 hours one-on-one.  

Sessions will be held weekly or fortnightly (as agreed by the group).  Barbara is the Facilitator and Coach.

Each session will be a mixture of group facilitation, training/ learning and coaching.

You will need to be fully committed, responsible, and accountable for your actions between sessions, and for the participation in the program.  You will also need to give permission to being coached in front of the group, and willing to be the coach in practice sessions.  Barbara will support you between sessions through email, and phone calls as required.  

Our learnings will be grounded in the ICF Competencies.

At the end of the sessions, you will be ready and feel confident to apply for your credential, and to do the written and oral exams.

Benefits to you in participating in this program:

  • Complete clarity and confidence in the 11 ICF Core Competencies.
  • Gain from your own learning and coaching, as well as gaining from the learnings and coaching of others.
  • Increase coaching skills through learning from an experienced coach who has been trained in a variety of methodologies.
  • Gain new tools to use in your coaching practice.
  • Powerful relationships developed within the group.
  • Group support on achieving your goals and overcoming your obstacles.
  • Feel confident in readiness for ICF assessment process.
  • You will be trained and coached by Barbara Anderson, Master Certified Coach and Assessor with the International Coach Federation, and qualified trainer.
  • The investment in this program will be far less than you would pay for Barbara one-on-one
  • You will receive your letter of recommendation for the ICF - given I agree to your coaching at the level you are applying for.


  • AUD $150 per 1 hour session for group mentoring (plus GST in Australia)
  • AUD $400 per individual session of 1 hour  (plus GST in Australia)
  • Total package of 10 sessions, with 7 in group, and 3 individual = Usually AUD $2,250 (plus GST in Australia) -  Discounted price for full package = $2,050 (plus GST in Australia)

We require a minimum of 4 coaches to run, and a maximum of 6 in the group.


"Barbara has been my mentor for the last couple of months, in my journey to become ICF accredited. I just love the mentoring sessions with her. Barbara notices every single detail and she is an inspiration for me for how to be really present with the client. Working with her has increased my confidence as a coach, and I am very happy to recommend Barbara as a mentor."  Hellen Hettinga.  Nov, 2011

  "Barbara Anderson is a masterful mentor and coach. I presented Barbara with a challenge which she handled in her stride, dancing skillfully to guide me to success  without judgment or criticism. I would wholeheartedly recommend Barbara to anyone who is committed to developing their skills and effectiveness." - Andrew Bryant, CSP, PCC, Founder of Self Leadership International.  (2010)


Watch a youtube clip from ICF on Choosing A Mentor Coach.   


I know I more than meet all the requirements, and happy to answer any questions you might have to determine if I am the right mentor coach / supervisor for you.


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