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Barbara in South Africa

Welcome to Shire Coaching & Training

Shire Coaching and Training has grown over the last 18 years to provide coaching services and training programs to executives and business owners both in Australia and around the world.

Barbara Anderson is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) - and the Managing Director of Shire Coaching & Training, and the Senior Coach and Trainer.   Barbara has a wealth of experience and excellent reputation.  She is becoming known as the Coaches Coach, the Trainers Trainer and the Leaders Powerful Partner.  

Click here to read an ICF article on WHY YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL COACH. 


Barbara is an Executive Coach.
Barbara is a Business Coach.
Barbara is a Leadership Coach.
Barbara is a Personal Coach.
Barbara is a Mentor and Mentor Coach.
Barbara is a Trainer and Facilitator.

Barbara is also: (a) lead coach and trainer under the "Towards Mastery" (www.towardsmastery.com) brand - mentoring and developing coaches with an ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program); (b) an Associate, Lead Trainer, Assessor & Mentor for Results Coaching Systems (www.resultscoaches.com) and the Neuroleadership Group www.neuroleadership.com;   and was previously Director of Professional Standards Credentialing Leader for International Coach Federation Australasia (ICFA); and on the Executive Committee for the Asian Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC).

Coaching Services
Impartial, independent, confidential support for the many challenges you face in life and work.  Set and reach your goals with coaching.
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Workshops & Training Programs
A variety of workshops and training programs to improve your skills and effectiveness in both your personal and business life.
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Being able to motivate and encourage people to reach their full potential is a privilege. More info about Barbara Anderson


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